3D crystal photo, personalized 3D photo crystal gifts

Laser photo crystal engraving fuses the art of photography with the advanced 3D laser crystal engraving technology. The results are images permanently etched inside the 3D photo crystals. We have a large selection of high-quality, finely-polished 3D laser photo crystals with different shapes and various edge styles to further enhance the aesthetic effects of your 3D laser photo crystal engraving. You can choose 3D photo crystals with or without firmly attached crystal base made of the same material. Additionally we have many standalone LED light stands that can be used underneath the engraved 3D photo crystals to add extra elegance to your treasured moment.
3D photo crystals – Our artists can convert a single portrait photo into a 3D photo for 3D photo crystal engraving. 3D photo crystals can be viewed from the sides which makes the engraved images look more vivid and real.
Personalized photo engraved crystal gifts – Commemorate a beloved pet with these personalized photo crystal gifts. They are great custom photo crystal engraved gifts for birthdays, graduations, and wedding anniversaries. These personalized etched crystal gifts are also perfect for school graduation, retirement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many other occasions.
Laser etched extra large photo crystals – Celebrate weddings or anniversaries with these heart shaped laser photo crystals. They are especially crafted as engraved photo crystal wedding gifts, anniversary crystal gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts. Your wedding photos or special moments will be custom etched and permanently preserved inside these beautiful extra large photo crystals. These photo crystals are suitable for both individual portraits and group photos.
The LED light stands have a flat top surface on which engraved photo crystals or crystal figurines can be placed on.
Please take a look at how we turned plain photos into elegant 3D images inside the etched 3D laser crystals using advanced laser 3D photo crystal engraving technology. Your cherished memories will be preserved for a long time to come!
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3D laser crystal engraving can be carried out on the 3D laser crystals shown on this page. The 3D laser crystals are generally thicker so they can accommodate the depth requirement of 3D laser crystal engraving.
In order to enable 3D laser crystal engraving, the 2D images must first be converted to 3D images by our artists via a manual process. The prices shown on this page are for 3D conversion are based on the number of heads and if the conversion is head only or full body. 3D photo crystal engraving is best used for head engraving.